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Paul Lauria

Paul Lauria is President and Co-Founder of Mercury Associates. Active in all facets of the fleet management industry, Paul specializes in fleet management program evaluation, strategic business planning, cost charge-back system development, vehicle replacement lifecycle analysis, and vehicle replacement planning and financing.

Based in Rockville, MD, Paul is considered an expert on fleet management, due to his experience in working with a variety of organizations throughout his 29 year career. Paul has conducted presentations and seminars for thousands of industry professionals around the world.

Prior to co-founding Mercury, he served as Vice President of Maximus, Inc., as well as Senior Manager of the Transportation Consulting Group of Ernst & Young.

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Brad Kelley
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Brad Kelley is a Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and Co-Founder of Mercury Associates. Spearheading Mercury’s information technology consulting services, Brad works with clients performing fit-gap assessments of existing solutions, defining functional requirements and developing RFP materials for the acquisition of new technology and services, implementing and integrating systems, developing custom reporting solutions and interfaces, and providing contract system administration services. He has worked with nearly every tier-1 fleet management information system (FMIS), fuel management solution (FMS), global positioning system (GPS), enterprise asset management (EAM) and resource planning (ERP) solution, routing and scheduling product, and business intelligence engine available in the industry.

In addition, Brad leads Mercury’s cloud services, which is used by Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, federal agencies, state and local governments to host their enterprise fleet and business management systems.

Prior to co-founding Mercury, he acted as a Manager with Maximus, Inc. as well as the Assistant Director of the Fleet Management Department of Sarasota County, FL.

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Kathe Carter
Chief Operating Officer

Kathe CarterKathe Carter is Mercury’s Chief Operating Officer. Kathe has extensive experience in management, administration, organizational development, business process, service delivery and strategic execution. While a Consultant at Mercury, Kathe specialized in fleet finance, contracting, and service delivery.

Prior to joining Mercury, Kathe had a varied 30 year career with the State of Michigan, retiring as the Deputy Director for the Department of Management and Budget.

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Janis Christensen
Senior Manager

Adlore Chaudier
Senior Manager

Janis ChristensenJanis Christensen is a Senior Manager, specializing in fleet management, vehicle selection, personal use regulations, law, policies and procedures, lifecycle cost analyses, lease versus own, remarketing, and safety.

Sharing her experiences through seminars, articles, presentations and workshops, Janis has written a variety of articles, case studies, policies and procedures manuals. Janis has also taught numerous seminars at NAFA’s Institute and Expo over the past several years.

Prior to joining Mercury, Janis was President of her own consulting group, Christensen and Day Group. Previously, Janis was career responsible for all fleet management activities at TRW for 21 years. She has also served as Vice President of NAFA, the National Association for Fleet Administrators.

Adlore ChaudierDr. Adlore Chaudier serves as a Senior Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc, with unique experience in training / education, fleet consulting, allowance and reimbursement programs, and survey and benchmarking research.

Aiding Mercury’s federal clients, Adlore serves as a lead consultant for transportation, fleet, logistics, relocation, and travel consulting projects.

Prior to joining Mercury, he held a team leadership position at the US General Services Administration, and served as Vice President of Government Services for Runzheimer International for 22 years.

Tony Yankovich
Senior Manager

Willie Gookin
Senior Manager

Tony YankovichTony Yankovich is a Senior Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc. Leading the company’s facilities planning group, he specializes in space needs assessments, program and planning, as well as conducts facilities network consolidation analysis.

Through his work with Mercury over the past 12 years, Tony has directed, managed, and participated in hundreds of fleet management consulting engagements across North America, as well as represented the company at numerous speaking engagements and in publications.

Prior to joining Mercury, Tony acted as Senior Manager for Facilities Programming for Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corporation, as well as a Senior Fleet Management Consultant for Maximus, Inc. He also has 12 years’ experience as a fleet manager for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City.

William GookinWilliam “Willie” Gookin serves as a Senior Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc. Willie has directed, managed and participated in fleet management consulting projects with Federal, local government and utility providers. With over 40 years of experience in the Federal sector, both military and civilian, he brings extensive experience in program and fleet management, transportation, packaging, distribution, logistics, supply chain management, and real and personal property to the company.

Adept at initiating and managing large scale financially constrained and complex projects, he maintains superior skills in management, innovation, public speaking, and strategic planning.

Prior to joining Mercury, he managed major government logistical programs for the US Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Ralph Filicko

Len Bammer

Ralph FilickoRalph Filicko acts as a Manager with Mercury Associates, Inc. Focusing on the day to day support and management of Mercury’s data centers in Houston, TX and Seattle, WA, he has over 15 years’ experience in computing and networked environments, as well as the support, administration, and management of hosted fleet applications.

As a pioneer of industry best practices, Ralph specializes in the evaluation, development, and administration of fleet management information systems, data verification and validation, and supporting technologies. His experience allows him to integrate current systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness for client organizations.

Prior to joining Mercury, he served as a Senior Project Manager and Implementation Specialist for CCG Systems, Inc., as well as being a 20 year Army career veteran.

Len BammerLen Bammer acts as a Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc. Serving as a technical specifications and evaluation procedures developer; he brings his past expertise as a public-sector fleet manager to his clients.

With past experience maintaining public works and transit fleets, fire and police fleets, and utility and maintenance fleets ranging in size from less than 80 to over 2,000 vehicles, Len has directed multi-disciplinary teams of technical professionals, managed re-manufacturing operations, and managed communications and dispatch operations in union and non-union environments.

Prior to joining Mercury, Len served for 20 years as the General Superintendent of Maintenance for the Regional Transportation District in Denver, Colorado, as well as past Chairman of the Board of the Rocky Mountain Fleet Management Association.

Scott Conlon

Gary Hatfield
Senior Associate

Scott ConlonScott Conlon serves as a Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc. As a public sector fleet manager with over 14 years of experience, Scott specializes in preventive maintenance program development, performance measurement, lifecycle costs analysis and database administration. He also is a US Marine Corps veteran who served a tour of duty in Iraq. He has a Graduate Certificate in Public Management from George Washington University in Washington, DC, holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, and is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager.

Based in the Rockville, MD office, Scott works on fleet rightsizing, lifecycle cost, replacement, and alternative fuel feasibility studies. He also delivers training on fleet information management, performance measurement, and data analysis.

Prior to joining Mercury, Scott was the Equipment Management Section Chief for Montgomery County, MD. He also served as the Transit Maintenance Section Chief.

Gary HatfieldGary Hatfield serves as a Senior Associate, specializing in lifecycle cost analysis, replacement planning, and vehicle utilization and rightsizing.

An automotive engineer and fleet manager with over 40 years of experience, Gary brings his extensive knowledge of the government sector, both civilian and military, and experience with alternative fuel vehicles to aid his clients in incorporating Electric, CNG, Propane, E85, Biodiesel, and Hybrids into their existing fleets.

Prior to joining Mercury, Gary worked with Xcel Energy and PG&E for 24 years, and as a full-time fleet management consultant for 17 years.

Steve Saltzgiver
Senior Associate

Diane Thomas
Business Manager

Steve SaltzgiverSteve Saltzgiver serves as a Senior Associate for Mercury Associates, Inc. Bringing over 40 years managing fleets of as many as 50,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment, Steve has extensive experience leading process improvement teams and cost reduction initiatives; optimizing complex maintenance operations, and executing comprehensive talent management programs. He has served on a variety of committees and task forces for fleet industry trade and professional associations, and has taught workshops and best practice seminars on a wide array of topics in the US, Canada, and Europe. Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

Prior to joining Mercury, Steve began his career as a bus mechanic with Utah Transit, and rose steadily through the ranks of the fleet management profession, holding positions as a municipal fleet manager, state government fleet manager in the states of Utah and Georgia, Vice President of Fleet Operations for Coca-Cola Enterprises, and Vice President of Fleet Management for Republic Services Inc.

Diane Thomas Diane Thomas serves as the Business Manager for Mercury Associates, Inc. Handling the day to day financial, and administrative operations of the organization, she manages the company’s human resources and federal contract administration.

Receiving her degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Diane holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Business, Accounting, and Economics.

Prior to joining Mercury, she acted as the Administrative Manager at Councilor, Buchanan, & Mitchell, PC.














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