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Who We Are

Mercury Associates is a fleet consulting and services firm dedicated to providing independent, unbiased technical assistance and advice to public and private organizations. Our mission is to improve the quality of fleet management practices; the quality of goods and services utilized in the management and operation of fleets; and the quality of information and professional development resources available to the fleet industry.

Our clients include:

  • organizations that operate vehicle fleets
  • suppliers of goods and services to fleet operators
  • fleet industry investors
  • associations that provide research, training, and other services to the fleet management profession

We also provide consulting services in other areas related to employee mobility management, including employee travel programs, car rental programs, personally owned vehicle (POV) mileage reimbursement programs, vehicle allowance programs, and personnel relocation management.

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, we collaborate with our international affiliates to provide state-of-the-art consulting, training, and research services to government, military, corporate, and other clients throughout the world.

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Want to Learn More?

For more information on Mercury Associates' fleet consulting services, contact us via our online form, by email at , or by phone at 301.519.0535.


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MERCURY | Fleet Management Consulting, Simplified ™