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NAFA, Mercury Ink Seminar Deal

(Princeton, NJ – April 15, 2009) – NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) announced today an agreement with Mercury Associates, Inc. to deliver fleet management seminars in specific under-served markets of the United States.

Within the next year, Mercury will conduct seminars on NAFA’s behalf in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The seminars will be based on NAFA’s always-popular “Fleet Management Seminar,” which serves professionals with less than five years experience and “Advanced Fleet Management Seminar,” which is geared to meet the needs of more experienced fleet managers and those who are candidates for Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) or the new, lower-tier Certified Automotive Fleet Supervisor (CAFS).

“NAFA’s seminars are taught by fleet managers who volunteer their time and expertise,” said NAFA Executive Director Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “Because those fleet managers cannot travel extensively for NAFA, we have limited our seminars to times and places where the instructors were already gathered, such as during the NAFA Board of Governors meetings. Our agreement with Mercury allows NAFA to use their experts to teach the materials, thereby freeing us of a constraint that was hindering our ability to serve markets that have a need for our education. An added value is that Mercury professionals have previously conducted fleet management seminars in Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe, Australia, and several countries in Asia.”

Mercury Associates President Paul Lauria commented, “We are pleased to be able to work with NAFA and help them extend their footprint. Mercury has a number of experienced instructors, including some who have earned their Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) designation, with long-time connections to NAFA.”

The Mercury agreement is NAFA’s first step in our strategic initiative with the ultimate goal of providing fleet management seminars outside of North America. “Mercury has experience providing fleet management seminars and services to clients in an international venue,” said NAFA President Gayle Pratt. “We are excited about the opportunity to leverage its combination of fleet management expertise and international experience to reach fleet professionals who can benefit from the educational services made possible by our collaboration.”

About Mercury

Mercury Associates, Inc. is the largest dedicated fleet management consulting firm in North America. The firm’s mission is to improve the quality of fleet management practices through the provision of independent, objective consulting and training services to fleet managers and other individuals and entities serving the fleet industry.

About NAFA

NAFA Fleet Management Association is a not-for-profit, individual membership professional society serving the needs of members who manage fleets of sedans, public safety vehicles, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for organizations across the globe. NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location or fleet composition. NAFA’s Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 3.5 million vehicles including in excess of 1.1 million trucks of which 350 thousand are medium- and heavy-duty trucks. For more information visit


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