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In our ongoing effort to provide information to fleet and travel management professionals on how they can optimize their practices, Mercury Associates is pleased to make a number of our recent publications and presentations available online.

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Articles - Asset Lifecycle Management

Fleet Utilization Management and Rightsizing

Subject: Asset Lifecycle, Cost Control

Synopsis: This presentation examines some common questions regarding fleet rightsizing, such as "Why is proper fleet size and composition important?" and "What are the obligations of fleet managers in managing fleet size and composition?" It also examines the relationship between fleet size, composition, replacement, and capital financing practices.

Date: 5/2013

File Size: 2,416 KB

Download: How to Reduce Fleet Costs

Vehicle Allocation Methodology

Subject: Asset Lifecycle

Synopsis: Vehicle Allocation Methodology allows fleet managers to examine each vehicle in their fleet by GSA type, within the context of the organization's fleet, and using survey and inventory data. Rightsizing instructions should be provided based on utilization and criticality, and a functional VAM will also be able to identify the potential of alternative fuels.

Date: 6/2012

File Size: 1,495 KB

Download: How to Reduce Fleet Costs

Leasing: Not Just for Private Sector Fleets

Subject: asset lifecycle; cost control; fleet management; fleet replacement

Synopsis: Current economic conditions require government fleet managers to seek alternatives to financing their fleets with ad-hoc, cash appropriations. Leasing is a practical financing solution, which in the past, was primarily utilized by the private sector. However, with the downturn in the economy many government entities are looking at leasing as a way to stretch their dollar. This article discusses how leasing can serve as a practical financial mechanism for the public sector to meet their fleet replacement funding needs.

Date: 5/2010

File Size: 1,546 KB


The Recession Need Not Cripple Fleet Replacement Programs

Subject: asset lifecycle; cost control; fleet management; fleet replacement

Synopsis: In countless organizations around the country, the “Great Recession” has sidetracked — if not wreaked havoc on — fleet replacement plans and funding levels. Rather that simply defer replacement purchases to meet short-term budget goals, fleet managers should use today's fiscal challenges to appraise their organization's approach to fleet replacement. This article discusses how fleet managers can maintain their vehicle and equipment lifecycle and replacement targets, even in tough economic times.

Date: 4/2010

File Size: 1,288 KB


Fire Apparatus - Replace Versus Refurbish

Subject: asset lifecycle; fleet replacement; specialty and heavy equipment

Synopsis: Replacing specialty vehicles and equipment, like fire apparatus, in a timely manner can be a fiscal challenge for any fleet manager. Many operations refurbish such assets, because they perceive this to be more cost effective. This article explores the argument about refurbishing versus replacing expensive fire equipment.

Date: 1/2007

File Size: 230 KB


Are Hybrid-Electric Vehicles a Good Buy for Fleet?

Subject: asset lifecycle; cost control; fleet management; fleet replacement

Synopsis: Low bid is the mantra of most public procurement managers — and rightly so. However, “low bid” may not mean what you think it means. The question is: are you skilled enough to structure a bid specification and analyze the responses so that they consider lifecycle costs rather than just net acquisition cost? When consider hybrids and other specialized type of equipment the use of lifecycle cost analysis (LCA) is imperative when deciding to if it is worth the investment. This article explains the use of LCA for selecting vehicles during the procurement process.

Date: 10/2006

File Size: 527 KB



Alternative Remarketing Channels for Government Fleets

Subject: Asset Lifecycle

Synopsis: Fleets are exploring non-traditional remarketing channels, such as online auctions, as they try to squeeze higher residual values while operating under the strains of reduced budget dollars and declining internal resources. This article discusses the alternative approaches to fleet remarketing.

Date: 12/2005

File Size: 835 KB


Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later - The Truth About Vehicle lifecycle Management

Subject: asset lifecycle; cost control; fleet replacement

Synopsis: Funding for vehicle replacement purchases is a frequent target of budget cutters when a company is under pressure to reduce costs or increase profits. These short term decisions can have a significant long term financial impact.

Date: 7/2005

File Size: 43 KB


How to Develop Performance-Based Vehicle and Equipment Specifications

Subject: asset lifecycle; fleet replacement

Synopsis: The process of developing specifications for the purchase of vehicles and equipment is a complex task. Many fleet managers and purchasing agents have come to the conclusion that restrictive and narrowly defined RFP specifications is the only mechanism for procuring the correct assets for their operations. Moreover, some specifications are so limiting in their scope that many vendors forego bidding on an opportunity, because they believe the RFP is wired for another vendor or brand of equipment. Performance-based specifications, however, can be used to achieve a fair, competitive bidding process and protect you and your fleet customers from getting the best value due to a low-bid procurement environment. This article discusses how you can implement performance-based specifications for vehicle and equipment procurements.

Date: 10/2003

File Size: 107 KB



Should You Allow Personal Use of Your Company Vehicle?

Categories: Asset Lifecycle, Fleet Management

Synopsis: Allowing your employees and non-employees to operate company vehicles is one of the most significant decisions affecting many areas of your company, including fleet operations, human relations, and risk management. A policy to allow or prohibit personal use should be thoroughly researched before a decision is made.

Date: 6/2003

File Size: 68 KB


When Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Budgets Shrink: Think Outside the Box

Categories: asset lifecycle; cost control; fleet replacement

Synopsis: As funding for fleet replacement diminishes in a tough economy many organizations begin considering alternative methods, such as lease-purchase financing, to purchase new vehicles and equipment. This articles discusses the funding options that are available to government and commercial organization and how each funding approach works.

Date: 8/2002

File Size: 127 KB


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