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In our ongoing effort to provide information to fleet and travel management professionals on how they can optimize their practices, Mercury Associates is pleased to make a number of our recent publications and presentations available online.

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Articles - Fleet Preventive Maintenance

Team with Operations to Justify Tracking Technology

Subject: preventive maintenance; technology

Synopsis: Fleet managers have struggled for years to get the information they need and to determine how to use the information effectively. Odometer readings, for example, are important for preventive maintenance management and vehicle utilization monitoring. But getting accurate and timely updates can be frustrating, because drivers often input incorrect numbers when they refuel. Vehicle tracking technologies, such as GPS and perimeter tag logging, have the ability to capture the information (e.g. current odometer reading) needed by fleet managers to quantitatively make decisions, but the cost is typically prohibitive. However, as fleet manager can leverage the political support of his / her customer base in order to make the investment possible. This article discusses how a fleet manager can justify the cost of tracking technology by creating the right partnerships.

Date: 11/2006

File Size: 43 KB


How to Specify and Maintain Snow and Ice Management Equipment

Subject: preventive maintenance; specialty and heavy equipment

Synopsis: Supporting a successful snow and ice removal operation requires well managed and maintained specialized equipment. By implementing standardization, aggressive maintenance and asset cleaning policies an operation can achieve optimal vehicle availability during seasonal demand and lower operating costs.

Date: 12/2004

File Size: 421 KB


Accurate Mileage: The Lifeblood of Good Fleet Management

Subject: fleet management; information systems; preventive maintenance; technology

Synopsis: Nearly every function of fleet vehicle management requires a decision dependent upon accurate odometer reporting. Moreover, major fleet tasks, including vehicle replacement planning, proper vehicle maintenance and repair intervals, and efficiently analyzing data all require accurate mileage. This article discusses proven techniques for capturing accurate meter readings in order to operate an efficient maintenance operation and make reliable management decisions.

Date: 6/2004

File Size: 47 KB


How to Cost-Effectively Support Street Maintenance Operations

Subject: fleet management; preventive maintenance; specialty and heavy equipment

Synopsis: To be successful, fleet management must develop a productive relationship with the operating departments, vehicle and equipment drivers, and service and parts vendors. Fleet is the pivotal player in these relationships as it manages vehicles and equipment from cradle to grave, especially for key, specialty operations, like street maintenance.

Date: 4/2004

File Size: 249 KB


Ten Ways to Improve the Cost Effectiveness of an Emergency Response Fleet

Subject: cost control; fleet management; preventive maintenance; specialty and heavy equipment

Synopsis: Fleet operations, even emergency vehicle fleets, are under constant pressure to contain costs of maintenance and operation of equipment. However, there are several proven techniques to increase cost-effectiveness without sacrificing asset reliability and availability. This article highlights ten methods for achieving these often polarized goals.

Date: 2/2004

File Size: 160 KB


Articles & Presentations



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