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In our ongoing effort to provide information to fleet and travel management professionals on how they can optimize their practices, Mercury Associates is pleased to make a number of our recent publications and presentations available online.

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Articles - Technology

Fleet Metrics

Subject: Fleet Management, Technology

Synopsis: The ability to provide a succint portrait of the fleet is often necessary for presenting results to upper management. Fleet metrics allow you to provide information on fleet size, cost, fuel usage, utilization, maintenance costs, types of vehicles, etc. Capturing this data will allow you to benchmark your progress against similar fleets or the past performances of your own fleet.

Date: 6/2012

File Size: 922 KB

Download: Fleet Metrics


Getting the Most from Your Fleet System

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Fleet management systems are powerful tools that can make managing a fleet much easier than in the past, but they do require some set-up and ongoing care. To get the most from a fleet system, continue implementing system features, invest in training, reengineer processes to leverage system features, and benchmark performance — even after the initial implementation. Keep investing in a fleet system and it will furnish information to streamline operations and capture greater cost efficiencies. Learn more about some of the techniques you can use to leverage the investment in your fleet system and take your operation to the next level.

Date: 7/2010

File Size: 2,753 KB


Converting Information into Dollars

Subject: information systems; technology; cost control

Synopsis: Converting information into savings requires that an organization capture the total cost of ownership (TCO) for its fleet operation using fully burden rates for internal labor, parts management, commercial services, and fuel services. These rates are then loaded into a fleet information system that calculates the cost of products and services on a per unit basis, which can then be analyzed for opportunities to control costs without impacting service levels. This presentation illustrates the steps required to begin implementing information measures and benchmarks that can be utilized to covert information into dollars.

Date: 10/2007

File Size: 1,002 KB


Acquiring and Using a Fleet Management Information System to Manage Your Fleet

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Selecting and acquiring a fleet management information system is a process that requires a lengthy process of evaluation, due diligence of the software company and its products, development of a functional matrix and RFP, and hosting scripted demonstrations. It is also a process that can confuse and overwhelm most fleet managers. However, when these steps are followed properly an organization can procure a state-of-the-art fleet system that best fits their operation; but selecting and purchasing a system is only beginning. Once a fleet information system is installed, a new set of challenges related to its use become the focus. This presentation discusses these issues and the benefits of selecting and using a modern fleet solution.

Date: 4/2007

File Size: 5,398 KB


Now that you have a fleet management system, what should you do with it?

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Many fleet operations have implemented sophisticated vehicle management software with limited success getting beyond using it as a work order and parts management system. This presentation explores several areas in which organizations can continue to leverage their fleet software to increase its value.

Date: 3/2007

File Size: 1,726 KB


Implementing a New Fleet Management Information System - To Do and Not To Do

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: The implementation of any enterprise management information system is a complex task that requires planning, experience and sufficient resources in order to successfully avoid project issues. This presentation address some of the key points on avoiding pitfalls that can hamper an effective implementation.

Date: 9/2005

File Size: 73 KB


IT For Fleet Managers - Gathering Reliable Data - Part 5

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: There is little point on implementing and operating a state-of-the-art fleet information system atop a finely tuned servers and network hardware if the information it generates and the decisions based on that information are flawed. This article discusses the proven techniques for gathering reliable data to mine for management information.

Date: 8/2005

File Size: 34 KB


IT For Fleet Managers - Creating Codes to Measure Productivity - Part 4

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Getting the most decision making power out of an information system is predicated on establishing a coding system that works. This article provides an in-depth discovery of why data codification provides referential integrity and is an essential part of creating reliable management reports.

Date: 4/2005

File Size: 1,623 KB


IT For Fleet Managers - Protecting a Fleet's Priceless Data - Part 3

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Measures to protect the data in your fleet information system against viruses and other malicious attacks, equipment failure, and natural and un-natural disasters are some of the most important activities for ensuring data integrity. This article discusses several methods that can be implemented in a multi-layered strategy to mitigate your risk for down time or even worse, permanent data loss.

Date: 12/2004

File Size: 242 KB


IT For Fleet Managers - Where Does Your Data Live and How Does It Travel? - Part 2

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Understanding the resources required by a fleet management information system, such as database platform, hard disk storage, and network architecture are critical details that are core elements for having a reliable and responsive platform. This article discusses the technical differences between the platform options and architecture available in modern fleet systems.

Date: 10/2004

File Size: 354 KB


IT for Fleet Managers - System Data Architecture - Part 1

Subject: information systems; technology

Synopsis: Understanding how the data elements in a fleet information system relate to your vehicle and equipment management operation can make using the software easier and more productive. This articles discusses the system data architecture best practices for fleet management information systems.

Date: 8/2004

File Size: 271 KB


Accurate Mileage: The Lifeblood of Good Fleet Management

Subject: fleet management; information systems; preventive maintenance; technology

Synopsis: Nearly every function of fleet vehicle management requires a decision dependent upon accurate odometer reporting. Moreover, major fleet tasks, including vehicle replacement planning, proper vehicle maintenance and repair intervals, and efficiently analyzing data all require accurate mileage. This article discusses proven techniques for capturing accurate meter readings in order to operate an efficient maintenance operation and make reliable management decisions.

Date: 6/2004

File Size: 47 KB



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